Xsens MTi-320 AHT

Xsens MTi-320 AHT

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The MTi-320 high-performance Active Heading Tracker (AHT) from Xsens/Movella comes is a small form factor designed for integration to any system requiring accurate heading tracking, such as warehouse and last-mile delivery robotics and autonomous vehicles.



The MTi-320 active heading tracker (AHT) with the high-performance XsensTM sensor fusion algorithm accurately tracks changes in heading where alternative solutions have trouble with accurately integrating of the gyroscope data or distortion caused by external magnetic fields. Under such environments, the MTi-320 provides stable and robust heading tracking. With the ability to track heading changes up to 2000 dps, less than 0.5W power consumption and a small form factor of 28 x 31.5 x 13mm, the MTi-320 is an ideal solution for many robotics and autonomous vehicle applications.

It features an IP51 rated housing which simplifies mounting of the MTi-320. While the industry standard RS232 interface makes connecting to the device as simple as possible.

Additionally, the MTi-320 includes Xsens optimized strapdown algorithm (AttitudeEngine) performs high-speed dead-reckoning calculations at 1kHz to accurately capture high-frequency motions. The Xsens sensor fusion algorithm provides high accuracy and sensor auto-calibration in this cost-effective module for a wide range of embedded applications.

“The device’s fast and frequent active heading tracking features, coupled with its compact size, make it ideal for use in AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) applications within complex indoor industrial environments,” said Peter Xie, Vice President of Sensor Modules at Movella, “Dead reckoning enables AGV/AMR operators to pinpoint the location of the vehicle or robot, allowing for the simultaneous execution of complex tasks. We are thrilled to offer a cost-effective solution that can support pioneers in this field and enable mass deployment in the near future.”

The MTi-320 is supported by the MT Software Suite, which includes MT Manager (GUI for Windows/Linux), SDK, example codes and drivers for many platforms including ROS.


Active Heading Stabilization

The Active Heading Stabilization algorithm uses internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to accurately measure the orientation and track the heading of your vehicle, ensuring reliable autonomous navigation in any environment.

Easy Integration

Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge MEMS technology using the MTi-320’s industry-standard RS232 interface and housing design from the successful MTi 600-series.

Cost Effective

Designed for high-volume, low-cost applications, the MTi-320 delivers monumental heading tracking results – without the monumental expenses.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Fusion Performance
Roll, Pitch:0.5 deg RMS
Yaw/Heading:unreferenced, low drift
Strapdown Integration (SDI):Yes
Standard Full Range:2000 deg/s
In-run Bias Stability:
Bandwidth (-3dB):230 Hz
Noise Density:
Standard Full Range:16 g
In-run Bias Stability:
Bandwidth (-3dB):230 Hz
Noise Density:Magnetometer
Standard Full Range:± 8 G
Total RMS Noise: valign=”top”0.5 mG
Resolution:0.25 mG
IP-rating (equivalent):IP51
Operating Temperature:-40 to +85 °C
Casing Material:PC-ABS
Mounting Orientation:No restriction, full 360º in all axes
Dimensions:28 × 31.5 × 13 mm
Connector:8-pin Molex Micro-Lock 26-30 AWG
Weight:9 g
Input Voltage:4.5 to 24 V
Power Consumption (typ.):300 mW
Clock Drift:10 ppm
Output Frequency:up to 1 kHz, 100 Hz SDI
Built-in-self Test:Gyr, Acc, Mag


The MTi-320 active heading tracker (AHT) from Xsens is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information regarding this product, feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.