Xsens MTi-680 RTK GNSS/INS

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The MTi-680 RTK GNSS/INS from Xsens represents the highest standard in GNSS/INS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems/Inertial Navigation Systems) when connected to an external Real-Time Kinematic GNSS receiver (RTK). The MTi-680 supports RTK accuracy, which means you get access to smooth high frequency (400Hz) centimetre-level accuracy in position even in GNSS-denied environments. As a part of the MTi 600-series, this module is lightweight, robust and cost-effective.



The MTi-680 RTK GNSS/INS from Xsens is a Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Navigation System (GNSS/INS) with an external RTK GNSS receiver. The MTi-680’s added RTK feature means you can improve your positional data from meter-level to centimeter-level accuracy. This easy to-use GNSS/INS module is designed for easy integration and seamless interfacing with other equipment.

You can seamlessly integrate the MTi-680 in your application with the header facing down, directly mounted on a PCB, or as a standalone unit, with a flat cable for communication. It is also highly flexible, with native CAN support. The MTi-680 RTK GNSS/INS comes as an industrial-grade, highly affordable MEMS-based orientation sensor with an integrated sensor fusion algorithm and an easy-to-use development kit.

The MT Software Suite is your key to working with the MTi-680. The suite contains a specially developed, easy-to-use graphical user interface, as well as drivers for various operating systems. It also offers many other useful tools, example source code and documentation. Among its software programs, you will find:

  • MT Manager (GUI)
  • MT SDK, including programming examples for C, C++, C#, MATLAB, Python, ROS and Nucleo boards
  • Magnetic Field Mapper (MFM) calibration tool, as GUI and SDK


  • Small, IP51-rated RTK GNSS/INS
  • 0.2 deg roll/pitch & cm-level position accuracy
  • Connects to external RTK GNSS receiver

Technical Specifications

Sensor Fusion Performance
Roll, Pitch:0.2 deg RMS
Yaw/Heading:0.5 deg RMS
Position:1 cm CEP
Velocity:0.05 m/s RMS
Standard Full Range:2000 deg/s
In-run Bias Stability:8 deg/h
Noise Density:0.007 °/s/√Hz
Standard Full Range:10 g
In-run Bias Stability:10 (x,y) 15(z) µg
Noise Density:60 µg/√Hz
GNSS Receiver
IP-rating (equivalent):IP51
Dimensions:28 mm x 31.50 mm x 13 mm
Weight:8.9 g
Input Voltage:4.5V to 24V
Power Consumption:<1 W (typical)
Interfaces:UART, CAN, RS232
Protocols:Xbus, ASCII (NMEA) or CAN
Output Frequency:1kHz, 400Hz SDI



The MTi-680 RTK GNSS/INS from Xsens is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information regarding this product, feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.